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Testimony 1:
Hello, my name is Eric Gauwitz, a 36 year old Peorian of IL. Having successfully completed the first phase of a wonderful but hard program I am about to continue my journey into the 2 nd phase of Teen Challenge. It has been a long journey. I rarely attended church, read the Bible or praised God. My self esteem was extremely low. IN fact, I am surprised to still be alive from all the blackouts and alcohol poisoning that my body endured. The Lord, truly, was with me! He even worked through my family as they were trying to get me into this program at Teen Challenge. I thank God they did because today, after a long journey, I am free from the bondage of alcohol. I now read and understand the Bible, love going to church and I am closer to God. With much emotion I thank Teen Challenge Peoria for helping me. Just as a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly, I am changing through the Grace of God from my old life to a beautiful new life.
Testimony 2:
Hello, my name is Bobby Morrell. I am 29 years old from Carmi, a small southern Illinois town. At the age of 18 I was as introduced to Crystal Meth. My Journey started with simple usage but soon developed into manufacturing and then selling the drug. The result - I have been in and out of jails and rehab centers. Last April I was given a chance to receive induction into the rehab program at Teen Challenge Peoria. While in the program I was introduced to Christ where I gave my life to Christ. Since then my life has turned around. The relationship I have with my family today is better then ever. At first, it seemed a little awkward and different and somewhat confusing. It came to me though that as long as I leave my life in God's hands, He will direct my paths! I still mess up and know it will take time for me to correct the things I have done, but at least now with the help of Teen Challenge Peoria, I have started to live a clean and sober life! In closing, I would like to leave you with this scripture, Proverbs 3:12, “For the Lord corrects those He loves just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights”.
Testimony 3:
Greetings, my name is Don and I'm 26 years old. I was brought up in a great home with Christian values instilled in me by two loving parents so I had no excuse for my rebelliousness towards God. I excelled in academics and athletics all through my school years. For two years I even attended college with my life still in order and on the way to more opportunities. No one could have guessed I would put myself through so much trouble. After my 2 years of college I was offered a full time position at a Fire Department near home. I took the position and went on to attend Paramedic school and other various rescue/medical classes. Things were looking good on the outside, but my spiritual condition was slowly deteriorating. I enjoyed lifting weights as a hobby, and unfortunately I let the devil get a foothold in my life in that area. As a weight lifter I had goals that I wanted to reach and I found that “Anabolic Steroids” were the quickest path to my goals. I wasn't really thinking of any consequences at the time, all I could see were results. The enemy seems to be good at downplaying consequences and emphasizing all the enjoyable aspects of sin. This started drawing me away from God to the point that I started saying “yes” to alcohol and club drugs, which in turn led me down a road of bondage to narcotics. Eventually I lost my girlfriend, career, and almost every material item I owned due to the illegal use of pain killers. I found myself with nothing but hopelessness and depression. I never thought I would end up like this when I started taking steroids. I was so ashamed that I tried to cover it up with heroin and ended up overdosing twice in the same day. My parents didn't know what to do with me so they put me in a mental hospital. It was there that I became desperate for a change and my mother suggested Teen Challenge. At this point I was ready to try anything. It has been a slow process, but I know I am getting a real transformation. I'm here because I want a life long change, not a quick fix where I get cleaned up on the outside. I want to be changed on the inside, and I desire righteousness now. Now with less than a couple months until I graduate the year long program, God has restored my mind, body, and soul. I found the relationship with Jesus is what I needed all along. I love to spend time in His presence where He meets my every need! I have a close bond with my family like I've never had before. I have vision for the future so I am not bound to my past. Most of all, God has given me a new hope and a new identity in Christ Jesus. I am forever grateful! Bless His Name!
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